John Oliver Puts Ivanka Trump in 'Get Out,' Releases More Unaired Graphics

John Oliver Puts Ivanka Trump in 'Get Out,' Releases More Unaired Graphics

Some of the Photoshopped images that were created for but never appeared during 'Last Week Tonight,' include photos of a makeup artist working on a salmon and two badgers playing hockey.

Last Week Tonight may not have not have been new on Sunday (July 15), but that didn't stop host John Oliver from checking in with viewers.

"We taped this before we went away, so I don't know what awful things have happened in the world since July 1," he explained in a clip posted online. "Envy me. I honestly don't know."

Oliver explained that he would use the video to share a few graphic designs that never appeared on the show, "but still deserve to be seen by you, the Internet." 

The first photo shared was of a makeup artist putting makeup on a large salmon. "Which was presumably designed to illustrate a joke," Oliver said, "but looks a lot more like porn for people who are sexually attracted to seafood."

The next graphic was of a box of dog condoms called Ruff Riders. "I honestly don't know why we made this one," said Oliver. "The important thing is, on this show dogs fuck. That's canon."

Oliver also shared some "unsettling" graphics, including one of a red panda eating his heart. "Something that, apparently, I'm delighted by," he comments about the big smile on his face in the photo.

"Or this graphic of Ivanka Trump as the mother from Get Out," continued Oliver as he shared a photo of Trump photoshopped onto Catherine Keener's body in the film. "It looks eerily real because it's depressingly plausible."

Other never before seen images include badgers playing hockey, a women in a hospital holding a watermelon instead of a newborn baby and an angry parrot-like creature.

"Some of our graphics are weirdly specific, like this image of a Civil War soldier petting a racist unicorn next to Abraham Lincoln," said Oliver while sharing the photo. "There's no way to know what that means, but I think we can all agree with Abraham Lincoln that it definitely deserves a thumbs up."

Oliver then shared a photo of Nancy Reagan sitting on the lap of Mr. T, who is dressed up as Santa Claus. "To be honest, [it] wasn't cut from our show because it was never part of our show. That's a real photograph," the host revealed. "I just thought it was important to remind you magic exists."

Oliver ended the clip by telling viewers he'd be back on HBO on July 29.

Watch the full video below.